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What’s inside?
The charcoal kit is an assortment of natural skin care and whitening products. These powerful products bring you the benefits of activated charcoal with coconut.
Active Charcoal is a powerful launderer.
The coal powder whitens and naturally polishes your teeth.
Also promotes good oral health by detoxifying your mouth without any added chemicals.
BC Skin Soap with Charcoal.
Clarify, cleanse and detoxify your skin.
This soap must be incorporated into your routine!
Highly recommended to use before the BC Skin Charcoal mask for ultimate performance!

Activated charcoal effectively draws impurities and toxins into your pores thanks to its powerful absorption properties.
BC Skin Black Charcoal Mask.
Ultimate formula for purifying pores.
Get a sharper, smoother, clearer skin by minimizing the appearance of pores.
The mask absorbs excess oil and gently exfoliates clogged impurities.
1 bamboo toothbrush
Biodegradable and anti-bacterial.
The nylon bristles are reinforced with charcoal, which gives them more antibacterial properties.
Billions of plastic toothbrushes eventually fill up or float around the ocean each year, which is biodegradable.
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