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How to use the whitening strips?

The whitening strips have to be applied between 30 to 45 minutes per day.

Each patch contains 2 strips: the longest strip has to be applied on the upper teeth and the small strip on the lower teeth.

Only people with sensitive teeth risk to feel a teeth and gums discomfort.

It disappears after the treatment. The results last about 8 to 12 months.

How long lasts the Beautiful Care Teeth?

Our Beautiful Care Teeth kit can be kept up to 24 months !

Will I feel teeth and gums pain after the treatment ?

A very low percentage of people feel a discomfort in their mouth after using our products.

What makes Beautiful Car Teeth different from other whitening products ?

Beautiful Car products are really different from other teeth whitening options:
It secures your enamel, protects your gums and cause little to no sensitivity.
One Beautiful Care teeth kit equals 50 whitening toothpaste tubes and 25 tooth whitening syringes.

Can I use Beautiful Care Teeth while pregnant ?

We recommend you to visit your GP before using our products during your pregnancy.

What’s the age limit to use your products ?

The minimum legal age to use our products is 12.

Can I use Beautiful Care Teeth if I have a gum disease ?

If you have a gum disease, you should visit your GP before considering a teeth whitening.

Can I use Beautiful Care Teeth if I have crowns or fillings?

Beautiful Care Teeth is harmless for crowns. The stains will also be erased and they will find their original colour back.