3 Bad habit to ban for healthy smile

We never think of cherishing our teeth in our daily life, but truth is that we should!
Here are 3 bad habits you should stop!

1. Ice


The enamel is a crystal and if you press two crystals one against the other, they can break.


Drink chilled drinks without ice or use a straw.

2. Fruit juices


Fruit juice is loaded with vitamins and antioxidants. Unfortunately, most of these juices are also loaded with sugar. There are for example more than 10 grams more sugar in an orange soda than in an orange juice. Fruits are naturally sweet, so juices that don’t have added sugar or fruits/vegetables are a better option!


You can also dilute the sugar content with water.

3. Coffee


The dark colour and the acidity of coffee can yellow your teeth with time. Fortunately, it is one of easiest stain to treat with our teeth whitening products.


Drink your coffee with a straw to prevent it to hit your teeth!
Beautiful Care erase the stains on the surface of your teeth, so that you can see the results during your treatment.

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